Learn to create your own GIF sticker for free that you can use in your IG Story?

Yup you will want to SAVE this post to refer back to.
Step 1
1. Pick 2 photos in your camera roll that you took one after an other Swipe Right to see my example 🙂
2. Remove the background of both photos by using the free tool Remove Image Backgound https://www.remove.bg
3. Upload one image at a time 3. Tap on image once background is removed to photos

Step 2
1. Upload 2 photos to Gifmaker.me
2. Tap on Create Gif Animation – this may take up to a minute
3. Tap on first line – “View the GIF (Download the GIF)
4. Tap on the black down arrow top right to view downloaded GIF
5. Tap on blue up arrow to save as an image
6. Tap on blue up arrow bottom right
7. Copy Photo 8. Paste in your Story Voila NOW you have your own personalized Gif that you can share in your Story

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